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California Bill Would Ban Confederate Names on Public Buildings

robert e lee

Lawmakers don’t want schools named after this guy anymore.

Historical censorship continues in the wake of June’s mass shooting in a black church in South Carolina. Legislators in California have just voted overwhelmingly to ban the naming of public buildings after Confederate figures. The Los Angeles Times reports:

[The] bill would affect two schools named after Gen. Robert E. Lee, one in Long Beach and the other in San Diego.

Senate passed the bill, SB 539, by a 31-2 vote, with two Republicans voting against the measure.

“If anything, this is revisionist history” said Republican Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber, one of the senators who voted against the legislation.

The Assembly approved the bill in late August. It now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration.

The best way to avoid repeating history is to forget it. That’s the saying, right?

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