Gwen Ifill Celebrates Clinching of Iran Deal

Gwen Ifill, host of the PBS NewsHour and an infamous shill for President Obama, tweeted out her joy at the news that President Obama had clinched passage of his nuclear deal with Iran.


The non-journalist from a supposedly non-partisan public television network spitefully and sarcastically rubbed the prime minister of Israel’s face into it.

Here’s a response to be treasured:


Others were less gracious:



And an interesting suggestion:



Since there is a pretty good possibility that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel are likely to “take” a nuclear bomb down the gullet thanks to the ignorant naivete of the president and sycophants like Ifil, that particular tweet might come back to haunt Ms. Ifill one day.

But by then, a Republican will probably be president so Ifil and her Obama worshippers can blame them for their own towering stupidity in blindly following the dangerous legacy-building of their hero.


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