Obama's Odd Take on Critics of Iran Deal


Critics of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran claim that it endangers Israel. Many question the motives of those supporting it. President Obama takes offense to such criticism, spinning it on its head in a recent interview with the Jewish newspaper The Forward, summarized at the New York Times:


President Barack Obama said people who attack Jews who support the Iran nuclear deal are like African-Americans who differ with him on policy and then conclude he’s “not black enough.”

“…when I hear members of my administration who themselves are Jewish being attacked. You saw this historically sometimes in the African-American community, where there’s a difference on policy and somebody starts talking about, ‘Well, you’re not black enough,’ or ‘You’re selling out.’ And that, I think, is always a dangerous place to go.”

Obama should try being a black conservative, or a Jewish one for that matter. It’s odd to hear a “progressive” president complain about the unfairness of identity politics.



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