NY Politician Is Looking to Resurrect the Soda Ban Just for Minors

It’s back. Or it’s trying to come back.

New York Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-Staten Island) is introducing a bill that would BAN single servings of sugary sodas 16 ounces or larger for minors. “He pointed to research that sugar sets up the same need-and-reward system as heroin, alcohol and opiates, which is why he also proposed a companion measure requiring warning labels on sodas.”


“We are unintentionally consuming ­obscene amounts of sugar,” Titone said.

“The idea is to create some sorts of safeguards. It’s addictive. It’s not good for our health. We need to start somewhere.”

There are safeguards already in place for children. The safeguards are called parents.

The New York Post writes that Titone was aware of the “constitutional implications” of Bloomberg’s failed ban on large sodas so he found a way around them. “So he decided to come up with a bill that wouldn’t be shot down by the courts and would still raise awareness about sugar consumption and curb obesity, diabetes and heart disease.”

How about it’s not your job to “raise awareness” make everyone “healthy”?

“If you want your child to have that ­obscene amount of soft drink, you can buy it for your child and, yes, you can still send your child to the store for the 2-liter ­bottle,” he said.

(Can your child buy a 2-liter bottle of soda, get a cup of ice, walk outside and pour the soda into the 16oz+ cup and drink it? Will the police enforce this? Will there be raids on businesses? Arrests?)


“Think of it like G-rated movies and ­R-rated movies. Your kids can still have it, but we’re saying it might not be ­appropriate.”

“We’re saying”? Who are “we” to decide? There is no limit to these self-important, know-it-all politicians who believe it is their mission to use the force of government and make decisions for the little folks, who just can’t act in their own self interest.

Fortunately, there is no interest in the NY State Senate (so far) to sponsor this garbage legislation. Kill it with fire.






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