Charles Barkley: Blacks Have Always Voted Dem, 'and They're Still Poor'

“The Round Mound of Rebound” isn’t mincing words when he explains why he won’t come around for the Democrats in 2016.

NBA legend Charles Barkley told The Dan Patrick Show today that he personally likes Donald Trump. “The few times I’ve been around him, he’s always treated me cordial,” he said.


But he’s going with Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“He’s the guy that I’m supporting right now,” Barkley said. “You know, Dan, it’s tough for me to vote for a Republican but he’s the guy I’m voting for right now. He’s the leader in my clubhouse.”

Asked if he would keep voting Republican, “Sir Charles” replied, “Ah, well, I vote Democratic most of the time.”

“But the Democrats don’t have a candidate I really like,” Barkley continued. “Neither one of the parties is doing anything for poor people. They’re both full of it. Black people have been voting for Democrats their whole life, and they’re still poor. Republicans don’t do anything for poor people, either. So, I vote for the person I like the most and right now, it’s the governor of Ohio.”

Kasich’s other endorsements include Montel Williams, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and former Sen. Al D’Amato.


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