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Mark Levin: Entitlement Programs Are Theft From Your Children

In a recent interview discussing his book Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future, Mark Levin described the ills of egregious government entitlement spending:

Future generations don’t vote, they don’t exist yet, so they keep stealing from them. They keep robbing from them which means they are going to have limited liberty, they’re going to have limited opportunity, limited wealth creation, and we’re spending it all today … we are stealing from unborn babies.

Levin’s book focuses on America’s youth and the massive impact entitlements will have on them. The money won’t be there for this financially endangered generation; it will exist as IOUs never to be settled, the money already spent.

Are the citizens aware of what’s happening? Says Levin:

I don’t even think people who receive these benefits know what’s going on. Many of them don’t know that the money doesn’t exist. All that money that they paid into the system, there is no system. That money was taken and it was spent the second it was taken on other government projects and other government programs.

For decades, all the government has done to address the problem is occasionally admit it needs to be addressed. Useless chatter from politicians, including establishment leadership, regarding the need for “reform” of entitlement programs. Levin says these elected leaders will be responsible for the “collapse”:

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