VIDEO: Veterans Note Iran Behind U.S. Deaths, But We'll Totally Catch Nuke Deal Violations!

A think-tank and lobbying organization with Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter on the board of directors is running an ad in support of the Iran deal featuring veterans who say their colleagues suffered at the hands of Tehran’s involvement with Iraq insurgents.


The Truman National Security Project is running the spots as a 501(c)(4) called Veterans Against the Deal continues its ad campaign.

In the Truman video, Butch Bracknell — a Marine veteran, attorney and member of the Defense Council at the Truman project,  says, “They’ve trained and supplied insurgents who’ve killed my brothers and sisters in Iraq.”

Yet, Bracknell and two others veterans in the ad — Terron Sims, a Democratic Party activist and co-director for Virginia Veterans for Obama, and Ashkan Bayatpour, a former partner at the Truman Project, argue, if Iran cheats on the nuclear deal, “We will catch them.”

The Truman Project quickly came out in support of the deal more than a month ago, arguing “this historic agreement demonstrates the power of strong, forceful diplomacy and, if it is implemented and enforced properly, will make America and our allies safer and stronger.”

“The agreement closes off all of Iran’s potential avenues to a nuclear weapon, gives us access to their entire nuclear supply chain, and imposes the strictest monitoring and verification regime ever negotiated in the history of non-proliferation. If Iran cheats, we will know in time to take decisive action – and all options will be on the table,” said the statement from Executive Director Michael Breen on July 14.


“Many of us witnessed firsthand the damage done by an unnecessary war fought in the Middle East in the name of nuclear non-proliferation. This time, through tough American-led diplomacy, we have closed off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon without risking American lives.”


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