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Family Member Tells CNN that Both of Shaun King's Parents Were White

Shaun King, the Black Lives Matter activist who claims he’s biracial, has been caught in a massive lie as one of his family members told CNN’s Don Lemon that both his parents were white.


Previously, some conservatives had strongly suggested that King was white, only to have the activist deny it and refer to his accusers as racists.

King has received notoriety because of his compelling personal story — now shown to be a tissue of lies. He claims he has been a victim of racism all his life and that he was  “the focus of constant abuse of the resident rednecks of my school.”

His dramatic account of being attacked at his high school because of his race is partly true. Called the “first hate crime in Kentucky,” King was beaten in 1995 — he says because he was black. (Police reports described his injuries as “minor.”)

But the family member told Lemon that King was beaten up because he was a white man dating a black woman. Still a despicable crime, but the facts were cynically altered by King to advance his bona fides with the black activist community.


“A family member tells CNN that both of King’s parents are white,”Lemon said on Wednesday night’s edition of CNN Tonight.

Conservative websites have also accused King of embellishing or fabricating a racial hate crime during his high school days. The same family member told Lemon that the altercation he had in high school was racially motivated… but because King was “a white guy dating a black girl.”

Lemon also revealed that he had a conversation with King about his racial identity. “Initially he did not answer but later referred to himself as biracial,” he said. “But then when I asked him if that’s what it shows on his birth certificate I did not hear back from him. No answer on that.”


King’s wife defended him:

“Just know this, there is nothing fake about Shaun King. He’s no Rachel Dolezal,” wrote Rai King, referring to the former NAACP chapter leader who passed herself off as black. “What’s white about him is white, and what’s Black about him is Black and always has been from the time he was a child. There’s no spray tan, no fake Black hairstyles, no attempt to make himself appear any more ethnic than he already does. Whatever you think you know about him, you don’t. Whatever you think has been uncovered, hasn’t.”

There’s the question of whether he misrepresented himself to Oprah Winfrey in order to get a scholarship to the all-black school Morehouse College.

King flatly denied Wednesday that he had misrepresented his race to get a scholarship from Oprah Winfrey to the historically black Morehouse College — which declined comment about the situation but said it did not grant admissions or scholarships based on race.

It is blacks themselves who demand “authenticity,” referring to conservatives blacks as “Uncle Toms” — or worse. But they will stand by him, as they mostly stood by that other fake black person Rachel Dolezal. They are as oblivious to their own hypocrisy as they are of objective reality.


In truth, race shouldn’t matter when it comes to standing up for your beliefs. If King, a white person, wants to advocate for his idea of “social justice,” then more power to him. But he should be forthright and honest about his race when doing so. Otherwise, he is simply perpetrating a sham, the victims being the very people he says he wants to help.

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