State Department Tells Judge It's Not Doing Anything to Search Hillary's Emails

Nothing to see here….Move along….

Ordered by Judge Emmett Sullivan to explain, in writing, what it is doing to recover Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server, the State Department said in a report filed late yesterday afternoon that it wasn’t doing anything because it wasn’t in possession of the emails. They feel no obligation to do anything else in the search for answers regarding Clinton using a private server for official business.


Sidney Powell, writing at the New York Observer:

With astonishing disregard for the truth, the Judge’s questions, or its responsibilities to Congress or the citizens of the United States, the State Department advised that it “is not currently working with DOJ, the FBI or other agencies” for two reasons. “First, the FOIA does not require an agency to search for and produce records that are not in its possession and control.” And, it claims that it is neither in possession nor control of the Clinton’s server.

Obviously, that is precisely the cause of the entire outrage in the first place. The initial legal violations exist because the State Department did not require, and Mrs. Clinton did not use, the secure for her official emails. Mrs. Clinton should never have had any official State Department information in her personal account or on her server—most especially any sensitive, classified information or any information “respecting the national defense” such as drone signal intelligence. See 18 USC Section 793.

Everyone at the State Department who knew she conducted all of her business on a private address and had the unsecured server at her home is part of this problem and violation. Thus, all at the State Department of any ranking during her tenure may very well be implicated in her conspiracy to violate numerous statutes, including 18 USC Sections 793(d), (e), (f), & (g)—each of which carries a possible 10 year term of imprisonment.

The second and equally appalling reason the State Department is doing nothing to respond to Judge Sullivan’s request is because it is taking Mrs. Clinton’s carefully-worded sworn declaration to mean that she actually provided all of the relevant emails, and it has found nothing responsive in what the culprits have already provided. It is content to let the proverbial “fox guard the henhouse” and let Mrs. Clinton dictate what everyone sees. If that is allowed, rest assured there will be no evidence of the Benghazi murders or Huma Abedin’s conflict of interest, because those emails were not produced by Mrs. Clinton and are no doubt among those she may have successfully destroyed.


No problem. No need to look further. We always let the person being investigated limit the evidence that can be reviewed—right?

Ms. Powell has called for a special prosecutor, but that’s just not going to happen unless some kind of smoking gun emerges from all these investigations. Few journalists are even covering the email scandal as it should be covered — a criminal conspiracy to violate the law.

The truth is, Hillary Clinton’s reach into all the dark corners of government gives her enormous power. She not only knows where the bodies are buried (she buried a few herself), but she has the resources to find where just about anyone’s skeletons can be found. Everybody in and out of government are treading very carefully, which is why she is likely to skate unless something truly definitive is unearthed. Judge Sullivan is the same judge hearing the IRS FOIA requests from Judicial Watch and has established that he has a bulldog mentality when it comes to getting reluctant bureaucracies to come clean. Perhaps that’s what’s needed in this case — a fearless federal judge willing to nail bureaucrats to the wall to uncover the truth.


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