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Conservatism Is Alive and Well in America: Mark Levin's 'Plunder and Deceit' Dominates the NYT Bestsellers List

As principled conservative readers know, Mark “The Great One” Levin has written a new book. Plunder and Deceit was published on August 4; that’s Barack Obama’s birthday. The radio talker says he wasn’t aware of this when the date for the publication was set, but it’s of course extremely ironic: he’s one of the most outspoken and effective Obama critics on radio. The reason he’s so effective? He’s not just condemning Obama for his far-left policies that’ll end up destroying America, but he explains (every single day!) a) why Obama’s policies are so bad and b) what the conservative alternatives are.

That’s exactly what he does in Plunder and Deceit, and that’s undoubtedly why it’s selling so well: it absolutely dominates the New York Times Best Sellers List. It’ll debut at number 1 on three lists: hardcover Non-Fiction, ebook Non-Fiction, and the combined list. explains:

Levin’s widely anticipated book has been greeted with overflow crowds at book signings. The book, which covers everything from radical environmentalism to illegal immigration to national security, arrives as conservatism stands at a crossroads and seeks to inform and inspire America’s emerging generation of constitutional conservatives.

Levin said on his show yesterday that it’s not even close between his book and the number two (a book written by a progressive hack): he has sold 50,000 copies more.


And that in “the age of Obama”: a time in which many people believe the United States to be “radically transformed” from a capitalist, freedom-minded country into a socialist walhalla.

Guess what? Those self-proclaimed experts are dead wrong. If there’s anything Levin’s amazing success proves it is that there’s more hunger for a real, authentic conservative voice than ever before.