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Whole Foods' $6 a Bottle 'Asparagus Water' a 'Mistake'

One of Whole Foods’ products appeared on the social media radar when a consumer posted on Instagram a photo of “Asparagus Water” retailing for $6 a bottle.

Here’s the picture:


Apparently the item was a mistake.

But the bottles, which were on shelves at a store in Brentwood, Calif., were a mistake, says spokeswoman Liz Burkhart.

“We actually don’t sell asparagus water in our stores,” Burkhart told USA TODAY.

It sounds disgusting. I hate asparagus under the best of circumstances, but putting asparagus in water to drink is simply vile.

Whole Foods sells water like this with more appetizing fruits and vegetables like strawberries or cucumbers in the water. What’s next? Radish water?

Burkhart says the product was meant to be similar to bone broth, a recent health food trend that involves drinking broth like you would tea.

“It was meant to be water with the essence of vegetables and/or mushrooms, which is typically made over a long period of time soaking in water,” she says. “It was made incorrectly and has since been removed.”

Whole Foods’ “asparagus-gate” comes on the heels of a scandal involving overpriced food in New York. The result was the company’s stock plunging 10%.