Poll: Trump Viewed as Positive Debate Influence by Republicans

So there’s that.

Most Republicans believe real estate mogul Donald Trump will positively influence Thursday’s first presidential debate, saying his presence will challenge the establishment and open the party to new ideas, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

Trump’s outspokenness has worried party leaders and heightened anticipation for a potentially combative debate, which will be televised live at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox News, which invited 10 of the 17 Republican contenders to participate.

Many rank-and-file Republicans see Trump’s blunt and unpredictable style as an asset. More than two-thirds agreed that his debate appearance would challenge the establishment, while 62 percent said it would lead to more honesty, and 61 percent said it would open the party to new ideas.


Aye, there’s the rub.

Trump’s riding a wave of popularity fueled by people who don’t spend their days glued to political blogs, and that is what frustrates the professional political class to no end.

I don’t even like Trump politically but I can’t pretend the world is ending because he’s enjoying a bump in the polls at the same time Rudy Giuliani was dominating them in the 2008 campaign cycle.

I think the world is ending because there are so many people in the professional political class who think Jeb Bush should be president


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