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Everything That's Wrong with America in One Phrase

And here it is:

On a muggy summer evening, a woman stood on a midtown Manhattan street corner and switched between raising her hand for a taxi and glancing at her phone, possibly for an Uber car. “She’s going to take whoever comes first,” yellow cab driver Jatinder Singh speculated as he scouted out the scene.

While New York City riders have increasingly more choices in how to get from here to there with the rise of e-hailing apps — and lawmakers grapple with how to regulate the booming industry — the drivers who keep cars moving are stuck in the middle.

By “regulate,” of course, they do not mean how to make the co-existence of Uber and the New York City taxi cartel function smoothly and effectively. Oh no. They mean how to put Uber out of business or, at the very least, fork over large sums of money to the city’s graft merchants in exchange for being allowed to operate a private business within the borders of the United States of America.