Italians Finally Rise Up Against 'Migrants'

Long-suffering Italians, whose country is bearing the brunt of the “migrant” crisis, have had it:

Migrants arriving at a new shelter outside Rome needed riot police to protect them from far-right activists and furious residents. In the north, locals vandalized a home to keep asylum seekers from moving in. Traditionally a nation of emigrants, Italy is now struggling to absorb a ceaseless influx of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is under pressure to stem the flow and his government is fighting to calm tensions.

Migrant arrivals have already exceeded 85,000 this year, following 170,000 in all of 2014. While many of the newcomers look to move swiftly to wealthier northern Europe, some 85,000 are housed in Italian shelters – up from 60,000 last year… Not a day goes by without reports on the Italian news of rescues, shipwrecks, drownings or crimes by immigrants. EU solidarity has been limited – this week the European Union failed to agree to divvy up 40,000 asylum seekers in Greece in Italy among its members.

Highlighting the friction, residents in the northern town of Quinto di Treviso last week raided neighboring apartments where about 100 migrants were housed, throwing furniture and mattresses into the street and setting them on fire.


Well, when you refuse to conceive the next generation of Italians (Italy’s birthrate is mortally low), the space is going to get occupied by somebody else.



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