Surprise! Obamacare Exchanges Wide Open to Fraud

An uncharitably minded person might suggest there’s a link between the Obama administration’s drive to digitalize our medical records and its utter inability to protect the private data of millions and millions of American workers. So sure, go ahead — trust Obamacare:


Integrity: An undercover operation shows how ridiculously easy it is to defraud ObamaCare. Even after officials learned investigators had set up several bogus accounts in June of last year, they failed to catch any of them. The Government Accountability Office report reads like something out of the Onion — that comical fake news site. Except this isn’t funny.

A dozen undercover auditors tried to enroll in ObamaCare using fake Social Security numbers, phony IDs and bogus citizenship papers. The auditors should have been an easy catch, since ObamaCare had promised to build a “data hub” that would instantly check such information against records at the IRS, INS, Social Security and Homeland Security. Instead, 11 of the 12 got their coverage, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper subsidies.

For Obama and his ilk, the government is not only the employer of last resort for those whom private industry deems essentially unemployable — that would be enough. But no, Obama’s contribution to the imbalance of the public-private sectors is to make, via taxation, massive amounts of private money available — whether by hook or by crook — to those who would rather not work, or steal.




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