Military Families' Percentage of Income Spent on Housing More Than Double That of Civilians

All kinds of wrong.

A recent study by Zillow found that military families pay more income for housing, whether a mortgage or rent, than civilians.

New housing is a frequent concern for most military families. Buying a house may make more financial sense than renting, but when you factor in that most military families move every few years, it can quickly lose appeal. Most military families move every three years, which can take a frequent toll on families — and their finances.

The percentage of income that goes to a mortgage payment in the United States for most residents is 15.5 percent. For military families, the rate is more than double: 31.5 percent of income.


Remember the Occupy crowd and their cries for free everything? There’s a snapshot of what’s wrong with America. Not only is there a political class that’s devoted to finding new ways to have taxpayers fund slackers, those same politicos often ignore the myriad plights those who risk all for this country endure. From voting rights to health care to housing, the military is constantly treated like lower-tier citizens, when the very opposite should be the case.

This isn’t all the fault of politicians, as American society doesn’t hold the military in the esteem it once did. As always, most of the blame lies with almost everything about Vietnam. The government ran a lousy war that did little more than get our troops captured or killed, and the public expressed its frustration in a variety of ways. One tragic byproduct was that the war’s failure led to an undeserved lack of respect for our military.


In an increasingly dangerous world we shouldn’t be putting undo burdens on the very people who have to protect us from the danger.


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