Anjem Choudary Wants You to Have No Fun, Eat No Bacon, Trade No Stocks



British Islamist Anjem Choudary, last seen explaining in USA Today why the Charlie Hebdo victims had it coming, gave his vision of utopia today on Twitter.

“A better & superior alternative to the decadence of Communism & Capitalism!” he tweeted while noting “many prophecies of the Prophet have yet to be fulfilled such as conquering Rome, removing Israel & Ruling over Russia/China/US/UK/India etc.”

“One day the whole world will be under the authority of the Muslims (Izhar ud-Deen). Muslims must believe in this & struggle to see it happen,” Choudary continued. “The Khalifah must ensure that no non-Muslim criticises Islam or tries to convert Muslims to their own false belief, only Islam is propagated. “The Muslims under Shari’ah law have better food, clothing & shelter than non-Muslims & are dignified because they worship Allah exclusively!”

Go forth to eat, drink and freemix.


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