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Putin Not Only Loves Iran Deal, But Takes Credit for Helping Write It

With endorsements like these, how could Congress say no to President Obama’s Iran deal?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who can’t wait to heap more arms sales on the Islamic Republic:

“We are certain that the world heaved a sigh of relief today,” Putin said in a lengthy statement praising the deal. “The negotiations supported by the UN Security Council and involving Russia, China, the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iran and the European Union went on for many years. We are satisfied that the solution found is based on the principle of phasing and mutuality which our country has been consistently supporting at every stage of these complicated negotiations.”

Putin, fresh from invading his neighbors, praised the agreement as it “rests on the solid foundation of international law.”

“Despite the attempts to validate any scenarios based on the use of force, the parties to the negotiations made a choice in favor of stability and cooperation, which will be reflected in a corresponding UN Security Council resolution,” he added. “We are grateful to all those who invariably supported efforts to find reliable political and diplomatic solutions to the Iranian issue.”

He noted that the Russian negotiating team and nuclear experts “have made a significant expert contribution to the drafting of the comprehensive arrangements, which made it possible to align the different, often opposing views.”

“The IAEA will carefully monitor the implementation of the agreed steps to prove the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program,” Putin continued. “Iran gets the opportunity to develop this program, including uranium enrichment, under IAEA control and with the gradual lifting of sanctions imposed against Tehran, something we have long called for. This is also important for the implementation of large-scale plans of peaceful nuclear cooperation between Russia and Iran that got support in the documents approved today.”

“We expect that all the parties concerned, primarily the six states involved in the negotiations, will comply with the deal in full. The political will demonstrated by these six states and Iran in the course of these negotiations is a guarantee of the successful implementation of the plan of action designed for the long term. Our bilateral relations with Iran will receive a new impetus and will no longer be influenced by external factors.”

Putin vowed that Russia “will do everything in its power to ensure the full implementation of the Vienna agreements, assisting in strengthening global and regional security, global nuclear non-proliferation, the creation in the Middle East of a zone free from weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, and the mobilization of a broad coalition in the region to counter terrorist threats.”