Gowdy: State Dept. Handed Over Richard Gere Press Clippings in Response to Subpoena (Video)

In a CNN interview Friday, House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy charged that the State Department has been stalling his Benghazi investigation by not turning over the requested relevant documents in a timely manner.


“It’s still like pulling teeth to get the information,” Gowdy told CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

State also appears to be purposefully gumming up the works by turning over thousands of obviously not relevant documents.

The South Carolina Republican complained that the State Department gave his committee thousands of pages of celebrity press clippings in response to a subpoena that was issued in March.

“You know what we got last week? We got 3,600 pages, half of which were press clippings, including articles about Richard Gere,” he said. “So if that is their idea of complying with a congressional investigation, then we are going to be at this for a long time.”

He also told CNN that Hillary Clinton was wrong when she said that she’d never had a subpoena in her interview with CNN.

“That is demonstrably false,” Gowdy told CNN. “You have an obligation to preserve the public record.”



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