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United Airlines Pilot Dumps Live Ammo Into Plane's Toilet

A United Airlines captain reportedly disposed of live ammunition into a Boeing 767’s toilet en route to Germany from Houston on June 24.  United Airlines refuses to comment on the incident.

The captain of United Airlines Flight 133 reportedly realized he had live ammunition in the cockpit, ammunition which could not be brought into Germany.  His solution?

Leave the cockpit during the flight and dump it into the waste bin of the lavatory of the 767.

A flight attendant discovered the live ammunition in the waste bin and alerted… the captain.

The Aviation Herald has some details about what the United pilot did next:

A flight attendant thus discovered the bullets, dutifully brought and reported the bullets to the captain, who now decided to ultimately get rid of the bullets and dumped them down the toilet. Later the flight attendant inquired again about the bullets, the captain realized that she would file a report, explained the situation to her and informed ground.

German civil aviation authorities confirmed that they are aware of the incident.



Actual 767 involved