'No Bombshells': Stephanopoulos and Co. Dismiss Latest Batch of Hillary Emails (Video)

The Good Morning America news crew on Wednesday dismissed the latest batch of Clinton emails to be released, asserting that there are no bombshells among them.

Anchor George Stephanopoulos said the nearly two thousand emails from her time as secretary of State reveal “new details about the daily life of a top diplomat, some flashes of personality too.” Last May, it should be noted, Stephanopoulos was forced to apologize after it was revealed he had secretly donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, a conflict of interest he hid from his bosses and viewers.


Reporter Jim Avila continued the “nothing to see here” tone:  “In Hillary Clinton’s case, no bombshells in this batch of nearly 2,000 released overnight. Instead an inside peek at the life of the Secretary of State, flashes of ego, a tinge of sarcasm, of course, lots of kissing up from colleagues. The newly released e-mails, a small portion of 55,000 pages, with more e-mails released every 30 days, ordered by a judge until three days before the Iowa caucus, guaranteeing a slow drip of revelations dogging her primary campaign.”

Avila played a clip of Hillary saying with fake earnestness, “I have said repeatedly — I want those emails out. Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do.” Avila said: “Many of the e-mails mundane, the business of running a vast government agency, from scheduling meetings to lists of phone calls with foreign dignitaries.”


What Stephanopoulos and Avila neglected to mention is the fact that the emails being released now are just the ones Hillary wants us to see. She deleted 30,000 of the perhaps no-so-mundane emails.
The fact that they would play a clip of Hillary Clinton pretending she wants to be transparent when she is anything but, coupled with their “nothing to see here” commentary, is a particularly egregious display of pro-Hillary bias.


Interestingly, Avila did  mention the fact that top Obama officials knew about Clinton’s secret e-mail address.

“High ranking staff from Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to political director David Axelrod couldn’t find the e-mail in the government directory and had to ask her assistant to provide it.”

Axelrod had previously denied knowing that Clinton was using a private email account. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe a couple of weeks ago, he claimed that had he known, he’d have “asked a few questions” and  had “concerns”

When he was busted, the slippery pol said, “I knew HRC had private email. I did not know she used it exclusively or had her own server.”

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