Meet the Afghanistan Hero Who Killed Almost All of Taliban Terrorists Trying to Attack Parliament

Afghanistan has a new national hero right now after one soldier took out nearly all of the terrorists who tried to attack parliament on Monday.

The Taliban — who are not considered terrorists by the White House but an “armed insurgency” — detonated a car bomb outside of the heavily guarded compound in Kabul, with a woman and child among the five civilians killed.


Seven terrorists then tried to infiltrate the compound armed with RPGs and AK-47s.

Afghan National Army Sgt. Eisa Khan stepped in to save the day. From Tolo News:

Khan, who personally killed six of the insurgents, said it was a proud day for him that he could defend his country to this extent.

“I am very happy to be alive and proud I could defend my country,” he said adding “I was prepared to defend my country with every drop of blood in me”.

The 28-year-old soldier from Laghman province, said that there had been 20 troops stationed inside the heavily guarded entrance to Parliament when insurgents attacked. However, according to him they had received intelligence a few days ago that an attack was planned against them so precautionary measures had been in place.

Monday’s incident was triggered by a suicide car bomb before insurgents tried to storm the building. ANA troops were able to keep the insurgents at bay but Khan was responsible for personally killing six of the seven insurgents.

The incident took place at about 10.20 am just minutes before the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish was due to introduce the minister of defense nominee to MPs for a vote of confidence.

You don’t even need to speak Pashto or Dari for the wrath of Khan and his awesomeness to translate in the above video. As he told Afghanistan’s Khaama Press “in an aggressive mode”: “I am a servant of this country and swear that Pakistan’s slaves won’t succeed from me.”


UPDATE: The hero soldier has gotten a new three-bedroom home, a brand-new extended-cab pickup, a promotion, monthly salaries from some of the saved members of parliament, and a medal from President Ashraf Ghani.



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