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Chafee: Clinton Scandals 'Going to Catch Up with Her' in Campaign

Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who announced his run for the White House two weeks ago, said he think Hillary Clinton’s past will catch up to her on the campaign trail.


“I don’t think Secretary Clinton is going to prevail,” Chafee told CNN.

“It’s just going to be a succession of charges against her, ethical charges, her position on the war. I just think it’s going to catch up with her,” he continued.

“And then you’re left with Governor O’Malley, Senator Sanders, Senator — former Governor Chafee, and possibly Jim Webb. And I will take my chances in that scenario.”

Chafee called Clinton’s “evolution” on a trade deal “another example of Secretary Clinton doing her calculations before she takes a position.”

“She worked with President Obama in crafting the legislation, but now in crunch time, when the — especially all the unions are opposed to it, she just doesn’t have the courage to come out and take a position, and now just saying, support what Nancy Pelosi says,” he said.

“My question would be to her, did you and Nancy Pelosi talk prior to Congresswoman Pelosi taking that position? Because I know Secretary Clinton needs that union support. And so I wondered if she talked to Nancy Pelosi before Congresswoman Pelosi took that position.”

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