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Legal Eagle Slams Supreme Court's Jerusalem Decision for Wrongfully Empowering the President

From Mondoweiss:

Alan Dershowitz has been giving a few interviews this week lambasting Mondays’ Supreme Court decision overturning an unconstitutional 2002 law on Jerusalem. Predictably, he doesn’t like it. According to Dershowitz, the ruling is not only “silly” and “utterly unnecessary“–it’s also “dangerous to the world”.

Why? because Dershowitz thinks it gives too much power to the President over Congress regarding the Iran deal.


Annie Robbins, reporting for Mondoweiss, quotes coverage from the Dershowitz interview cited by The Blaze:

Dershowitz said he believes the ruling was “dangerous to the world, because it gives the president of the United States sole authority to make a bad deal with Iran” over its nuclear program.

As Robbins explains:

As I wrote earlier this week, this case was never about a little boy, or even a little boy having the right to put the word Israel on his passport in defiance of the State Department, because Congress had passed a law allowing him to do so. It was always about placing power with Congress over the President on foreign policy, because the Congress is where the lobby exercises the greatest power.

And here’s where Robbins becomes a snot:

So why’s Dershowitz whining about Iran? Balance of power, that’s why. A perceived loss in the coveted ability of Congress to twist the president’s arm.

And for more moans, groans and pleads from the lobb,y get a load of this; members and chairman of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus are calling on Obama to– ignore the court’s decision after a 13 year long battle– and officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Crazy.


Here’s the magic for those born in Jerusalem: They get Israeli passports and citizenship, regardless of what Obama – or Robbins – thinks. So, now who’s laughing last?

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