LeftMedia in Dire Need of a Thesaurus and an American Government Class

It’s “HOSTAGE!” time again. Here’s the headline from HuffPo today:

GOP Readies New Obamacare Hostage Plan As Supreme Court Drama Builds

Since the summer of 2010, the unimaginative and always frightened little intellectual chihuahuas in the MSM have used the word “hostage” whenever Republicans in Congress have used, or threatened to use, whatever legislative means available to thwart either the president or the Democrats on various issues.


At first, it merely seemed like boilerplate media bias stuff, ramping up the hyperbole even though everyone knew it was just that. Now it has become apparent that they’re just lazy and uninformed.

The hacks in the MSM can be forgiven for acting out of sorts when the Republicans in Washington try to press an advantage or behave as if they are in the majority, as it is something that doesn’t happen often enough for everyone to really be familiar with. Still, the “hostage” stuff is embarrassingly filled with hysteria.

“Legislative trickery” would be a more apt description. Both sides do it all the time, of course, but it only gets written about when the Republicans are at it. Any employment of the word “hostage” is obviously meant to add a sinister, and illegal connotation to the proceedings. In years past, I thought this was a ploy to manipulate less informed voters, but I am beginning to think that 90+% of these writers are merely parrots. Nothing else explains the constant repetition of the “hostage” motif when so many other capable scary words are available.


I’ll even give them a freebie to help them move in a new direction. I don’t want the Republicans to hold Obamacare hostage, I’d prefer they disembowel it.

You’re welcome, Huffy HuffPo Hysterics.


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