McKinney Cop Resigns and Flees Town Amid Death Threats

The police officer in the center of a media firestorm involving his behavior at an out-of-control community pool party in McKinney, Texas, has resigned and fled town amid death threats. Corporal Eric Casebolt and other residents in the community have reportedly been harassed and threatened with violence ever since the ill-fated pool party.


CBS DFW reported:

Saying he feared for his safety, Corporal Eric Casebolt gave a statement and left town after being placed on administrative leave, when cell phone video of him violently restraining a young girl, and drawing his weapon on unarmed teens at a pool party went viral.

Casebolt reportedly submitted his resignation through his attorney.

Casebolt served in the Navy from 1993-2003. For seven of those years he was  an operations specialist and for the remaining three years he was in the military police.

From 2003-2005 he was a highway patrol trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Casebolt’s now-deleted LinkedIn account stated Casebolt joined the McKinney police force in 2005.

Other citizens in McKinney, Texas, have reportedly been subjected to harassment and vandalism in the wake of the pool party ruckus. According to Breitbart News,  Craig Ranch community residents have received death threats, and their homes have been vandalized.

The community residents say they are in deep fear that protestors, and those who trespassed at the pool party, will return and harm residents and/or further vandalize property.

Craig Ranch community residents told Breitbart Texas that this has been an ongoing problem for weeks. People have been coming from outside of the community into the subdivision and have vandalized homes and frightened neighbors.

This behavior escalated after the pool party on Friday.

According to residents, one home had a brick thrown through a window on Saturday night, and several mothers told Breitbart Texas they have received death threats via Twitter.

Several of the mothers say they have moved their children out of the neighborhood in fear of threatened violence.

One man said that his wife left their home, and he stayed in their residence to defend their property.


Local talk show host Benet Embry, who was at the pool party on Friday, has done more than anyone to defuse the racial powder-keg that the #BlackLivesMatter crowd has been trying to light on fire. He is the African American resident who posted on Facebook that the media was getting the story wrong and people were being “bamboozled.” He has given multiple interviews in an attempt to straighten out the record.  On Monday night he appeared on both Fox News and CNN to share his eye-witness account of what happened. For this, he also has received death threats.

On CNN, Embry told host Erin Burnett that he and some other residents have been receiving death threats for sticking up for the police and saying that the incident was not racially motivated.


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