As Obamacare Heads for Supreme Court Showdown, Obama Readies Blame for GOP

It must be great to be Barack Hussein Obama, the first man in history who has never been wrong about anything. Facing the possible demolition of his noxious “health care” law at the hands of the Supreme Court, the president knows whose fault this all will be if and when millions of people “lose” their “health-care” subsidies that didn’t even exist a few years ago:


President Barack Obama says he has no alternate plan if the Supreme Court invalidates a key benefit of his health care law and he places the burden on the Republican-controlled Congress to fix the law if the high court wipes out insurance for millions of Americans. Voicing confidence he will prevail before the court, Obama insisted Monday that the health care law is working and that the justices “will play it straight” and leave the law intact.

Should he lose, he added: “Congress could fix this whole thing with a one-sentence provision.” Obama’s assessment of the case against the five-year-old Affordable Care Act came as the high court prepares to announce a decision sometime later this month that could wipe out health insurance for millions of people.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that no one ever said “no” to him as boy, but it’s long past time for someone to say “no” to him as a man. Meanwhile, the late phase of his “presidency,” Obama is becoming increasingly demagogic:

In declaring that Congress could address an adverse decision by the Supreme Court, Obama is betting that an angry public would demand a remedy.

Obama also took a jab at the Supreme Court for even considering the case, arguing that the intent of Congress was to provide subsidies under state or federal exchanges. “Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up,” he said.


The Washington Times has more on that characteristic bit of churlishness:

President Obama assaulted the nation’s top court and seemed to criticize the U.S. legal system as a whole Monday, with the former constitutional law professor declaring that the Supreme Court was wrong to even accept a challenge to his signature health care reform law and deriding the fact that an “individual district court judge” was able to derail his deportation amnesty. The president made the comments during a press conference in Krun, Germany, after the Group of Seven summit.

Mr. Obama’s legacy-building accomplishments are increasingly ending up in the federal court system.

The ash heap of history would be an even better place for them.


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