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Meanwhile, the Sham Candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton Continues Apace

The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua may be above meeting with the hoi polloi and doing all the other distasteful grubby bits associated with campaigning, but she will deign to tell her subjects-in-waiting of her plans in a series of speeches:


Hillary Clinton is planning about a dozen speeches and announcements in the coming months on social and economic policy, aides say, with topics that include college affordability, women’s pay equity and Wall Street regulation. So far, Mrs. Clinton has been silent on several economic issues that animate many core Democratic voters and that her Democratic opponents are pressing from the left, but which don’t win universal support inside the party.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley , who are competing with Mrs. Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, both support setting the federal minimum wage at $15, for instance, and breaking up Wall Street banks.

Mrs. Clinton has taken a cautious approach, embracing social issues that tend to unify her party, such as gay rights and liberalized immigration laws, but steering clear of several riskier economic issues. That may change after she holds the first rallies of her campaign, starting Saturday in New York City. The policy rollout is expected to begin soon after that.

In other words, think of what Her Majesty is doing as a series of stupefying State of the Union speeches, each one a laundry list of “policy” prescriptions designed to transfer cash from the pockets of the working class who cannot afford expensive tax attorneys to the pockets of the drinking class, who don’t pay a dime in taxes and are easily bribed with other people’s money.

Other topics she will address include wage growth, early childhood education, family leave policies, aides said.

With the Affordable Care Act in place, Mrs. Clinton isn’t expected to focus on health care, once a signature issue. Nor is she planning a big speech on K-12 education, where her teacher union supporters are at odds with other Democrats who want to increase teacher accountability.

Advisers say she also won’t focus on foreign policy in the coming months, perhaps devoting one speech to the subject, a contrast to Republican primary campaigns in which national security is a prominent subject.


No surprises there: “Hillarycare” was a disaster, and luckily for her aborted in the womb, so she has no desire to revisit that fiasco, nor tie herself to the sinking ship of Obamacare. And anyone who can find Benghzi on a map can understand why “foreign policy” is currently a no-go zone as well. Apparently her campaign strategy is to continue on offering goodies to the layabouts and wastrels of her party and hope to God the New York Times doesn’t finally deliver the killing blow on one of its front pages. And whether that happens will all depend on how her poll numbers are looking as we get closer to the nominating period.

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