FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe: These Are the Top 4 Candidates for the Republican Nomination


FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio show  to talk about the Republican nomination process. He explained that there are, in his eyes, only four viable candidates.


I’ve narrowed my field down. I’ve taken a long look at Scott Walker. And I think the last time I was on the show, I said Scott Walker would be on my short list. He is not impressing me with a spine of steel more recently. And I think we should look at that. But I think the four most viable candidates for better or worse are people we helped put there. Scott Walker would be one of them. Scott Walker wouldn’t exist without Tea Party support in his state.

He added that, “for better or worse,” Walker definitely is one of the four. The other three are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (Glenn’s favorites) and, finally, Marco Rubio. About the latter, Kibbe said that he, like Walker, only became a senator because of Tea Party support, although he has difficulty retaining that support because of his views on illegal immigration. “The Republican Party didn’t want him,” he said, explaining the establishment went for former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Those four candidates — I predict one of them emerges.

He went on to blast candidate like Jeb Bush whom he dubbed “recycled candidates from last elections.”

Our guys are looking for someone who authentically stands for something.

Clearly, Bush and other moderates don’t do that. Well, in Jeb’s case, that’s not entirely true. He does stand for something: unlimited immigration. Sadly for him, most conservatives won’t rally behind that.

Finally, Kibbe also had something to say about the latest candidate to join the field: Lindsey Graham. The guy only won the primary in his own state with 56%, but still thinks he should become president. You’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. No wonder Kibbe called his candidacy “a joke.”


It’s difficult if not impossible to argue with Kibbe. Walker has momentum, but also has certain weaknesses that might be exploited. Marco Rubio could end up being the compromise-candidate. Rand Paul has a big following and clearly stands for something. And lastly, Ted Cruz is a truly conservative candidate.

If we look at those four candidates, two have weaknesses that may end their ambitions. Rand’s is — as everybody knows — foreign policy. His views may help him in the general election, but I sincerely doubt he’s able to win the nomination. If more voters share Kibbe’s views on Walker’s spine (or a lack of it), it may eventually boil down to a two-men race between Rubio and Cruz.

Imagine that: two Hispanics vying for the Republican nomination — and both of them (more or less) conservative. Republican voters may actually end up with a nominee they can passionately support this time.


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