Was Usaama Rahim Actually Jihadist 'Abu Sufyaan' on Facebook?

David Wright is the Everett, Massachusetts man arrested yesterday for plotting a police officer beheading with Usaama Rahim. Wright was arrested shortly after Usaama Rahim was killed when two officers approached to question him. Wright is scheduled to be arraigned at 3:30 p.m. Eastern today.


Here is a link to and screenshot of Wright’s Facebook page:


Wright only has nine friends on his page, all visible in the above screenshot. Note that one of these select few friends is Ibrahim Rahim — the elder brother of Usaama. Yesterday, Ibrahim was quick to defend his brother by offering a wildly different account of the shooting, one which accused the police of shooting Usaama in the back, unprovoked.

Two of Wright’s friends — Antoinette Aaliyah Allen and Anthony Allen — appear to be related, and Antoinette is listed as working at a CVS, as did Usaama, who was shot in a Roslindale CVS parking lot.

Another of Wright’s friends, Khalid Abdelmoneim, posted this yesterday after Usaama was shot:

I have lost all faith in Law Enforcement. The unwarranted violence that our law enforcement inflicts on its citizenry everyday has now affected me directly. I cannot support a group that frequently abuses the people they are sworn to protect and even kills them without just reason or even minor consequences

R.I.P. to a good mann, Usaamah Rahim. Jannah await you brother. We know the person you truly were and will not believe the lies that the media has created about you to fit their Islamaphobic Agenda. Usaamah was one of the brothers who really got me to reflect on my relationship with god and Islam and in turn push me to be a better Human being. I got to pray Jummah and catch up with you recently. I cannot believe you are gone. This is so surreal. Love you brother, you are in all our Dua. Prayers and thoughts are with the Rahim Family…


Usaama Rahim does not appear to have a Facebook page. However — David Wright has a friend named Abu Sufyaan. In the above screenshot, Sufyaan is the only “like” listed for Wright’s cover photo.

Abu Sufyaan’s Facebook page reveals him to be a supporter of ISIS, and of British Islamist cleric Mizanur Rahman. (Rahman gained additional notoriety earlier this year when he defended the jihadists who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre.):


Massachusetts police have claimed that their interest in Usaama Rahim and David Wright stemmed from social media. As Usaama Rahim appears to have no presence, and considering the connections, either Abu Sufyaan is in fact Usaama Rahim, or there is a third, unknown dangerous supporter of ISIS and jihadism interconnected with this small group still roaming the area.

The latter strikes me as less likely.

Also unlikely, according to these connections: that Imam Ibrahim Rahim was a) unaware that his younger brother and David Wright were dangerous; or b) was unaware that a third man, Abu Sufyaan, and David Wright were dangerous.



UPDATE: David Wright appears to have maintained a Facebook page under the name Dawud Sharif Vanleesten Wright prior to July 27, 2012, and also under “Dawud Wright.”

And Usaama Rahim/Abu Sufyaan also posted under the name “Abdur-Rahim Al-amreeki“.


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