Terror Suspect Shot and Killed by Boston Police

A man who had been under surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force was fatally shot Tuesday morning by a Boston police officer after he threatened the officers and FBI agents with a large “military style knife.”


WCVB 5 reported:

The man, who lived in an apartment near the pharmacy, was shot when he “pulled out a military-style knife,” police said.

“The officers asked him several times to put that knife down. They gave him several commands. The officers tried their best. Again, several more orders to put (the knife down) and at that point, he came within the proximity that the officers use deadly force,” Boston Police Department Commissioner William Evans said.

The suspect was in his twenties and of Middle Eastern descent, according to police. A law enforcement source told CNN that the suspect was part of “a broader terror investigation involving suspected Islamist extremists being tracked by the U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

Another law enforcement source said that “the suspect belonged to an ad hoc terror network.”



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