Once More, with Feeling: Hillary Clinton is a Horrible Candidate

Her Inevitable Madameship will not be amused.

This week’s CNN poll sheds a bright light on the fact that while most Americans seemed to like “Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator” and “Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State,” they really don’t seem to like “Hillary Clinton, Candidate.”

In the most recent national polling data from CNN, Secretary Clinton’s image has moved underwater, with 50% of Americans viewing her unfavorably and 46% saying they view her favorably. That’s a net 15 point shift AWAY from Clinton since March of this year.

Looking back over time, it’s pretty clear that when Clinton is a candidate, or even during her husband’s campaigns, her negatives have climbed significantly.


There is the story of Hillary Clinton, and the reality of Hillary Clinton. The former is a narrative that plays with some of the public as long as Mrs. Bill isn’t in front of them, which is why they are so tightly controlling her availability to the public. It is also why the Democrats are limiting the number of primary debates. Hillary Clinton is one of the few people who can seem more deranged than Bernie Sanders in front of a crowd.

Everyone around her knows that.

Her handlers have painful memories of her inevitability being thrown in the garbage as soon as a younger, less unpleasant candidate with little name recognition showed up in 2008. Now they’ve got another one in Martin O’Malley. There is talk that O’Malley’s less than stellar record in Maryland will not allow him to get any traction, but when have the Democrats ever cared about real achievement?

As we have seen in recent days, the older, crankier, and even more entitled Hillary Clinton can’t take even the briefest exposure to the public without letting her hideous nature pop to the surface. We’re getting to the part of the primary season where they won’t be able to let her rest in the vault while the friendlies in the media keep telling sweet grandma stories about her.


Here’s a handy pic to show to your friends who think she’s unstoppable (click to enlarge):


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