FDA Readies Its Bloomberg-esque National Trans-Fat Ban

America’s #1 nanny agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will issue new restrictions to ban trans-fat, just like Michael Bloomberg did when he was the mayor of New York City.


“The FDA is expected to officially phase out the fats throughout the food industry, sources say, suggesting a decision could come by June 15.”

“It’s about time,” cheered Dr. Thomas Farley, Bloomberg’s health commissioner and author of the forthcoming book “Saving Gotham,” on the city’s food-policing policies. “Trans-fat is an artificial chemical,” he said. “It never should have gotten into our food supply in the first place. It’s toxic over the long term and it’s easy to get rid of.”

Although Bloomberg was unable to get his whacky sugar soda ban to catch on, his trans-fat ban became the law in New York City. Many food companies voluntarily started to remove and limit trans-fats from their products in anticipation of more regulation.

“Mayor Bloomberg was a leader in this public health battle and the measure in New York really showed that this could be done,” said Jim O’Hara, director of health promotion policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “This is going to be a huge win for the public health,” O’Hara said.

Do these folks ever consider that it is not their job to force people to be “healthy”?

If you like microwave popcorn, pie crusts or margarine, you’d better stock up now.










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