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Muslim World Reacts to Obama's Latest Climate Change Speech

OK, it’s actually a parody, in the vein of those Hitler videos with the hilarious subtitles. But alas, a humorous video depicting the Muslim world mocking President Obama for obsessing over climate change while the world is being overrun by terrorists (predictably) brought out the outrage cops. So many that iPhoneConservative, producer of the video, had to post an explanation beneath the YouTube video after a barrage of negative comments:

I must admit I find it fascinating that so many people commenting here are voicing their outrage at my editing of the subtitles in this clip from MEMRI. For those that don’t know who they are………..they are an invaluable site that documents and translates much of what goes on in Middle East media. This clip was from their site. Every day they post videos with leading Islamic figures and personalities making hideous statements about Jews and Christians. About killing gays and beating women. I wonder how many of those outraged by my use of the clip in this way are equally outraged by the real sentiments expressed on these program’s? Not enough I would guess.

In other words, Muslim leaders and media figures can say the most vile things about Americans, Jews, Christians, women, and gays nearly every day (as documented by MEMRI — the Middle East Media Research Institute) and nobody gets worked up about it. But suddenly, these same people who willfully ignore truly offensive — and even dangerous — rhetoric coming out of the Middle East are incensed because of a video that mocks their beloved POTUS with lines like, “Did you see that video of him working out? My eight-year-old daughter has bigger biceps than him!” That is worthy of vociferous concern trolling. The Jews, women, Christians, and gays who actually do stand in the crosshairs of these groups and individuals? They can fend for themselves. Besides, the concern trolls have at least 20 more Duggars to investigate.

UPDATE: Left-leaning Snopes has now weighed in, letting us know that after a thorough investigation, they can assure us that the Muslim world is not actually making fun of Obama.

(Pfft. At least not in this video. )