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Another Retirement-Aged White Person Will Run for Party of Youth and Diversity's Nomination


Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee will officially enter the presidential race on June 3, a source with knowledge of his plans told POLITICO.

He’ll make the announcement in a speech he’s scheduled to deliver next Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the George Mason Center for Politics & Foreign Relations in Arlington, Virginia.

Following the announcement, Chafee will travel to New Hampshire on June 4 for a previously scheduled event with local Democrats in Grafton County.

Chafee, who became a Democrat in 2013, has made Hillary Clinton’s support for the invasion of Iraq the chief rationale for his primary challenge to her. As a senator and member of the Republican Party in 2002, Chafee voted against authorizing the war.


Good news for the Democrats: at sixty-two years of age, Chafee is practically a baby compared to Mrs. Bill and Che Sanders, so he can go after that coveted youth demographic that never really shows up to vote anyway.

You just read the one big accomplishment upon which Chafee will be running: he was a Republican who voted like a Democrat on the Iraq war and believes he can beat the Democrat who voted like a Republican on the same issue.

The working campaign slogan so far?

“Hey, It Worked For Obama”

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