As Ramadi Falls to ISIS, POTUS Goes Golfing, Gets New Twitter Account

As ISIS fighters were storming Ramadi, seizing U.S. military equipment, including missile launchers and tanks – enough to  “take 3 more Mosuls and about 10 Ramadis,” according to one ISIS supporter — the president of the United States was enjoying some “me-time” on the Andrews Air Force Base golf course.


During the Iraq War, the United States paid a terrible price to secure Anbar province from terrorists.  Between April of 2004 and September of 2007, 1,335 Americans and nearly 9,000 Iraqis died in the battle for Fallujah and Ramadi. But by 2008, the battle had been won — and liberated Iraqi citizens could again walk the streets without fear.

Now Ramadi and Fallujah are back in the hands of terrorists.

But never mind that, the big news today is that POTUS has a new Twitter account, you guys!


Liz Cheney had a question for the president yesterday:


Since Obama got his new Twitter account today, I went ahead and retweeted Cheney’s question to @POTUS.

I’m not really interested in Obama’s answer because I already know that it will be about 5,000 words long, won’t answer the question, and would put me to sleep. I just want to hear someone from the MSM ask him the question.


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