ISIS Warns Female Social Media Supporters to Stop Tempting Their Jihadis

ISIS has warned the group’s online female admirers not to praise their jihadi studs too much lest the guys get all lusty.

A message online signed by Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani, believed to be a onetime supermarket worker in south England who ran off to join ISIS, draws from his video “Message Of A Mujahid.”


Addressed to “sisters on social media,” Abu Sa’eed notes “every man needs the comfort of a woman besides him, so praising a Mujaahid online does more damage than good.”

“If you really love and respect the Mujaahideen then do du’aa for their success in the last hours of the night, in sujood, etc. But do not praise him to his face.”

The issues with women continue, as he claims “the biggest fitnah for a man is a woman.”

“Just having a sister follow you on Facebook or Twitter is a fitnah which triggers waswasah [whispers of Satan] in his mind. Even if a man was married to four women, a fifth can also cause him fitnah. Imagine being the cause for a Mujaahid slipping in his intentions. Even a passing thought of riya [showing off] is sufficient to damage all his good deeds. So my sisters, please be considerate when following Mujaahideen online.”

Abu Sa’eed acknowledges that “sometimes a sister may be completely innocent and pure hearted when she speaks to a Mujaahid and expresses her admiration of him, however man was created weak, and is easily inclined towards the tenderness of a female.”


After all, he said, the longer a guy jihads, the more he wants some female company.

“And if a Mujaahid sees a glimmer of this from a sister online, it can distract him and blur his vision and mindset. Indeed, it can effect his intention, and land him in Hell,” Abu Sa’eed said.

“And imagine the feeling on the Day of Judgement knowing a pious brother, a Mujaahid, entered the depths of hell because of you? So my dear sisters, do not distract him from his goal, instead help the Mujaahideen by doing dua for them at the last third of the night. A simple dua behind his back can have much more effect than praising him to his face.”


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