Bill Looking Forward to Moving Back to the White House... If Only Hillary Will Let Him

Ah. It looks like Bill Clinton is in da house:

Bill Clinton hopes to be Hillary Clinton’s First Man in the White House, but there’s a big “if” … if she invites him to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “If she wins the election, the chances are 100 percent that I’ll move back,” the former president told David Letterman Tuesday night on “The Late Show.” “By the way, if I’m asked!” he added with a smile.


Ha-ha! Cracking jokes about cheating on your wife (because that’s what this all refers to of course): hilarious! Oh man, I can’t stop laughing. Especially because people in their position should try to be great role models for young generations. It’s killing me! Great fun!

Morality and the Clintons. They just don’t go together, do they?

In any case, of course Hillary wants Bill to join her. After all, it’s not about love and faithfulness with the Clintons, but about politics. Americans want a First Couple, not just a president. The U.S.  has its first black president now. If Hillary wins it’ll have the first woman president. But the first single mom president? No, I don’t see that one happening anytime soon — and neither does Hillary, which explains why she never divorced her lying, cheating husband.

Besides, the two are a born power couple. Bill pretends he only told his wife to “have fun” on the campaign trail, but anyone who knows anything about the Clintons also knows that they most certainly are loyal political allies. They have always supported each other politically (Hillary even stood by Bill when the Lewinsky scandal broke; of course not out of love for him but because she had great plans for her own career) and rely heavily on each other for strategic advice. 


In other words, Bill is full of it and he proves himself to be a utterly and completely immoral.

What else is new?


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