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Aussie Doctor Who Joined ISIS Lobbies for His License, Says No 'Brain Washing' Involved


An Australian doctor who ran off to the Islamic State is lobbying the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency in his defense as they debate stripping him of his medical license.

Dr. Tareq Kamleh appeared in a recent Islamic State Health Service video encouraging other Muslim doctors to come there as he worked in a unit with newborns in Raqqa.

Kamleh has assumed the name Abu Yousef Al-Australie; he reportedly has a German mother and Palestinian father and told colleagues he was going to join Doctors Without Borders. Australian media described the Adelaide doctor as a “narcissist” who loved Will Ferrell movies, “Family Guy,” and had a drunk party trick of “sneaking up behind seated women and placing his exposed penis on their shoulder.”

Kamleh posted a response to Australia’s health license agency in his defense, stressing he “made a very well educated and calculated decision to come here, it did not involve any brain washing.”

He went on to claim that deaths in the area are from coalition drone strikes and not ISIS’ knives.

“If you truly have concerns of ‘womanizing’ or ‘alcoholic’ behaviors, maybe you should look into every Australian medical school, starting with the yearly AMSA conventions. Interesting hospital admissions of the Adelaide convention in 2007 (which had a budget of over $300,000…money well spent considering people are still starving to death in parts of the world) was a female student with toxic gonococcal pharyngitis, and several admissions with acute alcohol induced hepatitis… I’m sure they all enjoyed getting their stomachs’ pumped!….or maybe the Adelaide group of male medical students who printed jumpers titled ‘super rooters’…whereby having sex with people from every state within the week gained them entry…”

Kamleh called it his “humanitarian duty” to join the Islamic State. ISIS has been trying to lure Western doctors to the region, telling them to “stop treating the Kuffar and come treat the wounds of your brothers.” At the same time, ISIS has been executing Iraqi doctors who refuse to treat the terrorists.

“I formally deny that I have ever taken part in unprofessional conduct which would have jeopardized my doctor-patient relationship,” Kamleh writes. “I never intend to return to Australia, I have finally returned home.”