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Ted Cruz Introduces His Mom to the World With a Touching Mother's Day Tribute

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz introduced his mother to the world in a touching video tribute timed to coincide with the Mother’s Day holiday. We’ve heard a lot about — and from — Cruz’s father, Raphael Cruz, but until now, his mother has remained out of the spotlight.

“I always knew I was loved,” Cruz says in the video. “Whatever I did, there was nothing I could do to change that.” He clutched his mother’s hand and added, “My mom’s always been a best friend to me.”

“This is just overwhelming,” Eleanor Darragh confesses. “I look at him and think, ‘This is my son! I can’t believe it!'” She said that Ted was always an overachiever, “but this is somewhat beyond that.”

Darragh said that she has a prayer partner and teared up when she explained, “We pray for his safety continually.”

Ted’s wife, Heidi, also makes an appearance in the video, receiving high praise from her husband.

Asked what life was like with Heidi as the mother of his children, Heidi interrupted and said, “Dramatic!”

The Cruz’s laughed and Sen. Cruz said, “Heidi is an incredible mom. There is no one on the planet that our daughters adore more than their mom.”

The video was a very sweet way for Cruz to honor the two most important women in his life on Mother’s Day.


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