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Detroit Reporter Tells Truth About Muslims in Michigan: Forced to Apologize

A reporter for a Detroit TV station got in hot water earlier this week when she mentioned that, given the substantial Muslim population in the state, “it should not come as a real surprise” if there was a Michigan connection to Islamic State.

The reporter was roundly criticized. Not for stating the obvious, but because she said the words “Muslim” and “ISIS” in the same sentence.


During a Wednesday broadcast on NBC-affiliated WDIV-TV Local 4, anchor Carmen Harlan discussed a possible ISIS-connected threat in the state. “Given the fact that we have the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, I guess this should not come as a real surprise,” she said.

Seeing as the state has a substantial Muslim population, several organizations spoke out against Harlan, calling upon her and the network to officially apologize, the Lebanese Examiner reported.

“This shocking lapse of professional conduct was directed against law-abiding citizens who strive to create vibrant, diverse communities wherever they live,” said Fatina Abdrabboh, director of the Michigan American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“Comments like these are an example of racial profiling at its worst and Carmen Harlan should apologize immediately,” said Progress Michigan’s executive director Lonnie Scott.

Separately, the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) said of Harlan’s comment: “As a reporter, she has a responsibility to remain objective in her reporting and not draw conclusions for her audience. We request that WDIV immediately address this racially charged comment.”

Harlan issed an apology on Thursday: “In no way did I mean to imply that because of our community’s make up, there was a higher risk of ISIS threats.”

(Video courtesy of Grabien)

Let’s put it this way: What are the odds that there isn’t an ISIS connection in Michigan? It’s a dog bites man story, and the reporter was simply stating the facts.

If you asked the FBI, they would no doubt confirm that they are watching several Muslims in the state, so perhaps the Islamic “civil rights” organizations can stop their laughable charges of “racial profiling” and start cooperating with authorities to root out the terrorists. (Islam is a religion, not a race, and to try to make it so is absurd.)

The reporter should not have apologized for reporting the obvious.