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Video: Small-Town Councilman Goes to Restroom, Forgets to Take Off Microphone


Click on screen capture to watch.

Oh, dear. This video of a Georgetown, Texas, town councilman leaving the council meeting to attend to the call of nature, only to leave his microphone on, has gone viral.


Things got real awkward during a council meeting in Georgetown, Texas, when an unidentified councilman excused himself to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, the man forgot to turn off his microphone, so everyone heard his trip to the lavatory as it was amplified throughout the meeting. It seems he also forgot to wash his hands.

Rachael Jonrowe, the city’s mayor pro tem who tried her best to speak seriously about infectious diseases while the man relieved himself, was not immediately available for comment or additional information. But we have to admit, she handled it really well.

Bathroom humor is very popular, and listening to someone urinate loudly and flush a toilet is irresistible.  But why something like this went viral is a mystery.

If you figure it out, please write me and I will share in the gazillion dollars we will make by writing the book.