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Mark Levin Blasts the Bush Family: 'They're Corporatists, Sellouts Hell Bent on More Immigration'

As regular readers of PJ Media know, I’m a Ted Cruz guy. He’s the best conservative candidate out there; he is anti-establishment and actually believes in conservative values. Next year’s elections are of vital importance for the future of the United States: either a real conservative like Ted puts the country back on track, or corruptocrat Hillary Clinton takes over and continues to destroy America as President Obama has done for the last 6.5 years.

Some conservatives believe it’s not that bad, and that there are many other good Republicans out there who can a) defeat Hillary and b) fix the country. One of the candidates they point to is Jeb Bush, who’s doing well in most national polls.

I’ve been pointing out for the last couple of months, however, that there’s one major problem with this member of the Bush family: like his father and brother, Jeb isn’t a conservative, but a corporatist.

Corporatist policies may be “conservative” every now and then, but overall they’re anything but. They’re anti-free markets (they fear competition) and anti-small government (they need handouts and costly deals with the federal government). When a corporatist like Jeb wins, Big Business will use Big Government to enrich itself. The only people who profit from that are members of the establishment — people like the Bushes. As far they’re concerned, the rest of the country — the conservative base included — can to go to hell.

One of the main tools corporatists use to enrich themselves while destroying the country is mass immigration. Having millions of illiterate poor people moving to America is bad for the country, but it’s great business for major corporations. That’s why Jeb (and other members of his family) constantly repeats the mantra that Republicans have to provide a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants and allow even more uneducated immigrants into the country.

Mark “The Great One” Levin has been talking about that very same subject for months if not years, but kicked it up a notch yesterday. He took Jeb and the rest of his family to task for being the crony capitalists (or corporatists) they are.

We have a family in this country, that’s the Bush dynasty, that’s hell bent on more and more open immigration. This is almost their single focus. This is their obsession. And the reason is, ladies and gentlemen – and I’m going back to the Reagan versus the George H.W. Bush time – the Bush family, they’re corporatists. This is who they are, this is what they are. They’re not conservatives, they’ve never been conservatives. That doesn’t mean they don’t do conservative things from time to time when they’re in office, but they’re corporatists, they’ve always been corporatists. They’re part of the establishment, they’re part of the ruling class.

Note: this family is not just unconservative, they’re anti-conservatives. They do everything in their power to destroy real conservative candidates; if they had their way, even Ronald Reagan himself wouldn’t have won in 1980. Levin:

If they had succeeded in 1980 Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been president. And if Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been president, imagine! The Soviet Union wouldn’t have collapsed and I could go on and on and on. But this is who they are: they’re corporatists.

Jeb Bush is nothing more or less than “a mouthpiece for these major international corporations,” Levin added. “I don’t mind major international corporations, except when they seek to destroy the country.” And yes, that is what they’re trying to do with their project to smuggle as much cheap labor into the country as possible. They want to make higher profits. If America has to be “radically transformed” in order for them to do so, so be it.