There Will Be an Absolutely Fabulous Movie

Comic genius and actress Jennifer Saunders has confirmed there will be a movie version of the British TV series Absolutely Fabulous.

This is fabulous news indeed.  Filming will begin later this year.


Saunders broke the news yesterday on the UK show “Loose Women.” When asked if there was going to be a movie she replied, “Yes, there is.”

“I didn’t do it for a while because I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be awful if it was awful,’ but now we’re all so old … Joanna [Lumley] says ‘do it before we all die.’”

AbFab, as it is known among its fans, ran on BBC from 1992-5. It was revived again from 2001-4, along with some Christmas specials.

“There is a plot [for the movie] and that’s the miracle. It involves all the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series, all those characters and we’re in London and sometimes we might go to the South of France, I’m hoping,” Saunders told the ITV talk show.

The show revolves around the wild, drunk, drug-addled pair of Patsy Stone (Lumley) and her best friend Edina (Jennifer Saunders). Also in the show is Edina’s daughter, Saffron, played by Julia Sawalha, the only reasonable one of the bunch.

No word yet when the show will air, but I’ll be watching, sweetie darling.


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