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Salon Openly Inciting Readers to Further Violence in Baltimore

Salon has gone out of its way to incite further violence in Baltimore, cross-posting a blog post from self-titled “Radical Faggot” Benji Hart arguing that “smashing police cars is a legitimate political strategy.” Hart regurgitates the Marxist worldview, which rejects private property and conflates free association with violence.

In a bizarre turn, Hart offers “strategies” for directing violence toward “state and private property” without “harming people, communities, and natural resources.” Apparently, if a corporately owned business gets burned down, it doesn’t harm anyone. Never mind the individuals who own it or depend upon it for work or commerce.

This manner of speech should not be protected. Violence is not a legitimate political strategy, and incitement to violence is not legitimate political speech. Both Hart and the publishers of Salon should face legal repercussions for their assault upon people’s lives.