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Corruption Galore: Bill Clinton Raked in $2.5 Million in Speaking Fees from Companies that Lobbied the State Department

Oh my, corruption thy name is “the Clintons.”

Former president Bill Clinton reaped more than $2.5 million in speaking fees from 13 companies that lobbied the State Department while his wife was secretary of state. Ten of those companies paid him within the same 3-month reporting period covered by the government documents that disclosed the lobbying activity.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This kind of behavior is completely acceptable in the average banana republic. If you’d do this in, say, Haiti, nobody would say anything.

In the States, however, there are some basic rules of conduct for government officials and their families. One of them is (strange as it may sound to the Clintons): you don’t do business with companies that lobby the government agency your wife runs.

But these corruptocrats – these leaders of the criminal organization known as the Democratic Party – don’t care about any of that. To them, government is one big ‘get rich quick’ scheme. That’s why Bill became president, that’s why Hillary’s running for president now, and that’s why Bill desperately wants to become America’s First Crook Lady Gentleman.

And then Hillary ‘Rotten’ (as Mark Levin calls her) Clinton has the gall to say she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left office. No they weren’t, and no, they never will. They’ve got too many connections and too few ethics to ever let something like that happen to themselves.