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Bernie Sanders to Court the Left-Of-Everyone Dems and Run for President

Because Fidel Castro isn’t eligible…

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will hold a press conference Thursday on his “agenda for America” the same day he is expected to announce a Democratic presidential bid.

The Independent’s office sent out a notice to reporters on Wednesday afternoon that the senator will hold a press conference from the U.S. Capitol at noon.

Asked about what the senator would discuss, Sanders spokesman Jeff Frank said it’s “about his agenda for America, that’s about all I can tell you.”

At the very least, this should provide some entertainment value. On her best days, Hillary induces teeth-grinding, and that’s among the people who like her (all 6). Shockingly, Sanders doesn’t come off like as much of a crotchety old man as Mrs. Bill does.

If Sanders gets any traction whatsoever, it will force Hillary further to the left, where she will then trip over Martin O’Malley.

If all of the Democrats in the field start vying for the title of “Most Progressive” it provides an opportunity for Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep to wander in with a soothing slogan like, “Hey, At Least I’m Not A Commie!”