Mark Steyn Celebrates Earth Day (Just Kidding)



Mark Steyn is one of the many contributors to a new book called Climate Change: The Facts.

While many of them have “Dr.” in front of their name, non-scientist Steyn has a Ph.D. in style.


As a combination of scintillating polemics and myth-busting statistics, this book is impossible to improve upon.

However, if you don’t already have a copy today — Earth Day — and are bracing for lectures about “global warming” at the office or around the dining room table, you can “cheat” by listening to two recent interviews with Steyn, in which he talks about the book and the issue of “climate change.”

Steyn was Andrew Lawton’s first guest on the inaugural “Lawton Online” podcast for

Later he joined Lawton’s fellow Rebel, Brian Lilley:


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