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Hillary! Clinton: World's Worst Political Candidate

She was warned. The MSM, as I’ve chronicled here over the past couple of months, has been trying to tell the former First Lady that — owing to her extreme unlikability — her candidacy was on shaky ground and that if they could find another plausible candidate to keep their grip on political power intact, they’d switch in a heartbeat. I still think Granny Warren remains their One True Love at this point and that Hillary’s exit from her sham campaign is just a matter of time.

In my Unexamined Premises column the other day, I mentioned Hillary’s annoying collection of tics and mannerisms: the robotic nodding of the head and muttering “mm-hmm” constantly, as if to prove to people she could not care a fig about that she is actually listening to them. Have a gander:

Holy cow.


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