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Here's a Video of Ted and Heidi Cruz Shooting a Full Auto Tommy Gun



Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi stopped by the Londonderry Fish & Game Club in New Hampshire on Saturday to talk about the Second Amendment and to shoot a few rounds. The Texas senator is no slouch with a Thompson submachine gun (nicknamed the Tommy Gun). He confidently picked up and fired two guns at the range and didn’t appear to flinch at the powerful recoil. His aim must have been pretty good because someone at the range shouted, “He’s got my vote!” after his first rounds and another cried, “Woah!” after Cruz’s second round.


Heidi Cruz, who was sporting a baseball hat that said, “Armed and Dangerous,” also got in on the shooting action after her husband gave her some basic instructions.


Intelligent, beautiful, and not afraid of a powerful firearm. Senator Cruz is indeed a blessed man!


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